First Class is FREE

at Syston RFC (click for map)

 Kids 5-7s - 45 minutes , 8-11s/Teen classes - 50 mins

Types of Classes



BJJ classes are an hour long and include techniques for beginner and expert level students. Each class finishes with optional sparring. For this class you will need a gi which can be borrowed/purchased at club



Nogi classes will cover all aspects of grappling without the gi. These classes end with sparring and are suitable for all levels beginner to pro. Clothing with no zips/pockets must be worn, i.e shorts and t-shirts


Kids BJJ 5-7s

Kids BJJ 5-7 yrs is our youngest class and is aimed at giving the children an introduction to BJJ and it's benefits. Classes are based around playing games and movement drills. Kids will eventually need a gi to participate.

Kids BJJ 8-11s

Kids BJJ 8-11s gives the kids a chance to learn the more technical side of the martial art through drilling and then sparring games to try out their new skills. A Gi must be worn


Teens BJJ 12-15s

Teens class is aimed at showing more adult techniques to enable the student to become more proficient in a self defence scenario as well as sport jiu-jitsu. A gi must be worn for this class.



This class covers Takedowns and Wrestling techniques that will improve stand up grappling and be applicable to MMA. Suitable for everyone on the BJJ class as well as total beginners new to the club.

Kids Boxing

Kids Boxing will give your child an introduction in to boxing techniques and drills that will give them good co-ordination and a great base for self defence. Gloves provided.