Paying for Classes


Monthly​ DD

  • 1 Class per week

  • No Contract

  • Equals £5 per class



  • £15 per year

  • Liability Cover

  • Free T-Shirt


Monthly​ DD

  • 2 Classes per week

  • No Contract

  • Equals £4 per class


Monthly​ DD

  • 3 Classes per week

  • No Contract

  • Equals £3.30 a class


Monthly​ DD

  • Unlimited Classes

  • No Contract

  • Equals £1.25 a class

Don't forget to purchase your member insurance. As part of Bermuda Martial Arts health and safety all members must have this in place to protect you from any liability. Cost is £15 per year. 

All Direct Debits are based on 48 weeks a year training where 4 weeks per year classes will be closed for holidays, christmas etc

Remember...Consistency is the key to reaching your goals whatever they may be and this is why single payment classes are no longer part of the price plan. It is unreasonable to think you will be ready for competition or self-defence scenarios without putting in the hard work over a set amount of time.