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After noticing significant improvements in my training Liam prompted me to enter my first competitive bout which has always been a goal of mine. At the time I was 16kg over weight and not competition fit but with liams constant support, motivation and experience in dieting and training I have hit my targets and am looking forward to stepping into the ring for the first time with Liam in my corner.


–Scott Hollick, FightLight Competitor

I First started having private sessions with Liam in July 2012 as a complete novice. With his coaching, dedication and guidance I was able to win a silver medal in my first grappling competition and hopefully soon to be gold.  Liams coaching has played a big part in giving me the confidence not only in my grappling but also in my personal life.


–  Tom Bunting, UMA Silver Medalist

As a father its important for me to ensure that my children are well rounded and capable to deal with what life throws at them. Since my son and daughter have been working with Liam they have both shown a more natural confidence and self belief. The benefits of martial arts can easily be poo poo’d so to speak in this very technical “smartphone”  world, however the ability to move, adapt and control situations, (possibly undesirable), in a controlled and confident manner has really helped both my children.


Training with Liam has helped improve their fitness, coordination and confidence. Liam is a natural coach and during the sessions he has his full focus on them and helping them improve. He listened carefully to what we want as a family and has proven to deliver on the results. His attention to detail is great and the impression I get from watching is he really wants to help all his students learn the most they can, rather than just going through the routine.


I would highly recommend this type of training with Liam for any parent even if there is no issue with confidence, the skills gained from the training will be useful for anyone


Mr S M Alexander



Liam has trained my daughter and sons aged 12, 11 and 7 for over 12 months. Liam is reliable, punctual, honest and trustworthy. His gentle approach has ensured all three children feel comfortable with the routines and eager to start each week. Liam has adapted the training to suit each age range to ensure they get the most they can for their ability and concentration levels. It has given them each an increased level of self-confidence and the knowledge that should they ever be in the unfortunate position to need to protect themselves, they have the basic survival skills to give them the very best chance. My eldest son has particularly enjoyed the boxing routines and surprisingly good at remembering them! As a parent it is great that my children can get extra exercise, increasing their fitness levels whilst at the same time beginning to learn the basics skills of martial arts all the comfort of our own home.


I can’t recommend Liam enough – for adults through to small children.


Lynn Lewis


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