Kids Grading

The bermuda kids finally earned their stripes in recent weeks. With the summer being so hot we have been training for months doing only no-gi but with winter around the corner the gi's came back out and we finally got the kids levelled up. Some were well overdue! Well done everyone.

Congrats to:

Rory - Grey/White Belt

Brayden - 3rd Stripe

London- 3rd Stripe

Naren- 3rd Stripe

Adam- 1st Stripe

Yuvraj- Grey Belt

Ciya- Grey Belt

Sophia- Grey Belt

Ruhie- Grey/White Belt

Amelia- Grey/White Belt

George- 4th Stripe

Udai- 1st Stripe

Rai- 1st Stripe

Arjun - 1st Stripe

Mia - Grey Belt

Rupinderjeet - Grey Belt

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